front-end development

We help you create impressive software that ensures a seamless user experience, simple navigation and simple functionality with appealing features, looking stunning across all devices and platforms. At Selenova, front end web development services guarantee better usability - creative and innovative UI that will reflect in your traffic and sales.

Not all users use the same browser and have same browsing patterns and navigation preferences. This is why our team of competent coders and analysts cater to all these conditions so that your users have uninterrupted user experience.

What we offer:

  • An integrated site layout and design that combines the advantages of functionality and simple navigation to ensure that your website works without any hiccups.
  • A responsive web page development that aims to rebuild your website for mobile friendly traffic.
  • Provision for a customized interactive gaming features together with other graphics and animations needed for the website.
  • Web application development that aims to function extraordinarily well across all platforms, browsers, and devices ensuring a seamless user experience.

Custom development

Custom website solutions that match what your business requires

Custom website solutions that go hand in hand with your business motto and requirements. We keep in mind your business' unique contributions to its customers in order to accurately customize the functionalities of web development to be implemented on your site. Our team of certified experts and analysts, study your business objectives and orient them to latest trends in the industry. Our front-end and back-end developers, unlike any other web development company, work in perfect synchronization in order to give your company the perfect digital solution to increase their online traffic and eventually turn them into sales.

We specialize in all custom development requirements:

  • Robust e-commerce portals
  • Community sites
  • E-commerce website development
  • Web portals with multiple functionalities
  • Informational sites with various categories
  • Industry-specific web applications
  • Subscription and membership platforms
  • Social networking apps

Open Source Development

Selenova's team of expert developers and coders have earned themselves the reputation of developing customized digital solutions that go in hand in hand with business objectives, using cakePHP, PHP and Ruby on Rails. Our solutions bring in flexibility in your digital marketing schemes. Our team of experts have delivered concrete business value through customized digital solutions developed on Perl, MySQL and Zend Framework platforms.

We provide each and every open source platform solution all under one roof:


WordPress is the best when it comes to Content Management System or CMS. It makes publishing on the internet easy, pleasant and as fun as possible. WordPress's functionality can be stretched to fit in most of the needs of a website.


With Drupal, it is all about giving the team the tools to make smart and agile moves. It has the most impact on seeking lead generation, rates of conversion, online sales and brand proliferation.


Joomla provides the clients with the perfect framework to objectify and simplify the process of content publishing, no matter how large the reach of the business is. It also gives you space for customizing as per your business's needs.


Magento helps empower thousands of brands and retailers with the best e- Commerce platforms , that are not just flexible with cloud solutions but they also to rapidly aim to innovate and grow.


For a concrete start on making an online business idea come true, it is best to start with open source development. It comes at a very low cost and it highly recommended to be a stepping stone towards E-Commerce.


If you are aiming for quality, functionality, and convenience- this is a right place to launch your e-commerce business. This complete online store solution contains both the catalog frontend and the administration tool backend, which can be easily configured over the web.

e-Commerce development

With the advent of e-commerce there has been a brought a new era ushering in the most practical and effective ways of remitting the benefits of supply chain technologies. The most effective method is to showcase products by an e-commerce website. We help you build a powerful and fully equipped online store for your business ideas. Our e-commerce development process covers an all round product presentation requirements. Our team of professionals aim to develop exceptional UI and UX and an admin panel that provides for an easier portal management. We also enable the inclusion of major payment gateways in order to enable more and more sales for your business. In other words, we transform you and prepare you to find a large customer base online.

mobile development

With the influx of smartphone users and the internet, the rates of conversion are much higher for mobile searches, than any other option. This is why there has been a huge demand in mobile source development. In other words, having a mobile friendly website for your business is a necessity!
Whether you need a classic mobile application, or mobile templates or simply just mobile responsive designs, we can do it all for you.

Our comprehensive mobile development solutions include:

  • Development of responsive websites
  • Development of mobile-oriented sites
  • Development of Android applications-
  • Development of iOS mobile applications-

Web development

Our team of developers take into account all your requirements and conducts an in depth business evaluation to cross check. This way we generate a list of objectives relevant to your business and the framework of the website. This enables the team of developers to take care of versatility, architectural excellence, and keeps provision for flexibility- to grow in the future. The entire process of coding goes through various stages of testing, which removes any possibilities of an error occuring. This is how we deliver for every project within deadlines and with all the desired functionality.

We have skilled developers for every major framework:

  • Yii PHP framework
  • Laravel PHP framework
  • CodeIgniter PHP framework

Advantages of having our web development services

  • A a very efficient team of developers and experts who hold an experience for more than ten years in this industry.
  • Complete assurance of exceptional quality followed by proven coding methodologies for every website.
  • A website or e-commerce platform structure with minimum requirement of constant management and maintenance.
  • A multi platform and browser compatibility with a clean W3C validation code.
  • Responsive Interfaces that aims to provide with the best experience to users not just on desktops and laptops, but also mobile and tablet screens!
  • Running various intense tests on the website's performance, stress levels and load capabilities before finally making it official.
  • Incorporating the latest technologies with the latest marketing techniques related to web development.
  • Web designs that score top marks in terms of SEO optimization, which brings higher rankings from the very start.
  • Complete customer support before and after the delivery of the developed web solution.
  • A very secure and certified platform that saves the website from all malicious practices.

Trust us when:

Get Selenova's dedicated E-commerce development team for all your online difficulties.

  • Our experience is not just based on time, but quality work for leading clients all over the country.
  • There are no setup fees- Only pay for the work done. It is light on the pocket as well!
  • Your results will be delivered right on schedule so that you do not miss out any chances of business.
  • The entire project is always under the supervision of a technical lead so that errors are avoided.
  • We abide by our strict non disclosure agreement for your projects so that your innovation takes you way ahead of your customers
  • Project is backed up by result driven motivation
  • The developers specific to project so that your website is conveniently usable and highly functional.
  • A detailed work timesheet is always shared via project management tools so that you do not miss out on anything!

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