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Our sensible design strategy allows all elements to work cohesively in order to achieve specific objectives pertaining to your brand. Selenova helps you establish your online space and leave a lasting impression upon those who matter.


Unparalleled Aesthetics

Go beyond the realm of ordinary with our designs that remain firmly etched on the minds of your target audience. Supercharge your online marketing with creative designs that deliver stunning results. The site aesthetics we provide your brand with will have people coming back for more.


Seamless Functionality

Fusion of organizational goals with the design process leads to a formidable online persona. Give a human touch to your brand through our work on your site and connect better with your target audience.


Increased Sales

Turn your website into a sales magnet and get better quality business online. Get holistic website design expertise that results in an enhanced viewing experience. We provide you with customisations like no other web development company.


Brilliant User Experience

Any device, any screen size, or any form factor - websites designed by us do not fail to impress anywhere. All lead to a single outcome, awesome user experience enriched by aesthetic brilliance. As a committed web design company, our site creation is flawless.


Get a sales powerhouse that engages prospects and enables online conversions through tactical design strategy. Showcase your competence and inspire further action from site viewers with our four pronged approach.



Keep your visitors interested with our visual appeal that transcends demographics and brings out the 'wow' factor of your brand. Be it ease of navigation or high- performance UI - all elements work beautifully to make our web design a lead generator.



Let visitors discover information and complete actions rapidly for a delightful browsing experience. Enable fluidity in the customer journey on the website and drive lead conversion with our riveting designs created to captivate user attention on the website.



With our customised content, you get to give a personal touch to your online interactions with customers. If your business has a vision, we know how to execute it. We make sure to enable incredible connection with the target customers for better business.



We use colours, typefaces, fonts, negative space, and multimedia to create a stimulating customer experience. All of these tools work together to elicit amazing brand recall value and prompt long- term brand loyalty from consumers.

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Selenova's innovative and intelligent design process leads to brilliant business outcomes. Our designs are a unique blend of visual appeal and functional performance.

Goal Definition

Our design experts brainstorm to understand your key buyer persona and business objectives. This gives us a high level understanding of the type of creative elements and components that will align with the sensibilities of your target market. Knowing your business goals lets us decide how we should approach the overall web design project.

Scope and Costs

With a clearer understanding of what needs to be done, we now create a scope to derive cost effective means to accomplish the goals. It helps us share estimates on costs and ETAs to get client approval. In parallel, we will also draw up the paperwork associated with the project. Once we get approval we can begin with the deign process.

Site Structure

Now that we know the end goal, we build a roadmap to achieve these objectives. The first step is developing the site structure and sitemap that lays out the menu ordering for internal pages. In this stage, we develop lo-fidelity wireframes that show the position of elements on every single page. This provides an indication of the functional relationships between them during the visitor journey. We build the basic structure of the site in such an intricate manner.

Content Creation

Now that we have gauged the flow of the site, we start populating it with content. The SEO optimized content will strive to appeal to search engines as well as your key audience. This ensures organic yet rapid growth of your user base. The content will strive to explain how the product or services of your brand will add immense benefits to your business or to your personal life.

Aesthetic Element

Adding visual elements at this stage will ensure that overall purpose of the page is fulfilled in an interactive and visually aesthetic manner. The elements will work seamlessly with the content and other elements of the page and keep readers riveted to your site. This enhanced user experience will aid to drive conversions from the page.

Site Testing

When all elements are in place and developed, they are tested across various benchmarks. The site is tested for optimal functionality on various devices, various browsers and across different user segments. Right from user experience to page load times, every single performance metric is tracked before its final release. This ensures that there is no room for error when it comes to the ultimate product.

It is only after gaining your approval and yielding expected results from beta testing that the site is ready to go live. By this stage, you a clear cut marketing plan that will have beneficial outcomes.

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Get formidable advantage against your rivals with a stunning online presence. Leave an unforgettable impression in a crowded digital space with an incredible web presence.

Selenova's website design service takes the user experience to an altogether new level of satisfaction. Our design experSELENOVAe offers affordable web design that not only lets your target audience discover you but also keeps them loyal, so that you are always soaring past your competition. Our SEO optimized content is augmented by visually stunning elements to work seamlessly, so that an incredible user experience can be derived. Connect with us at Selenova to bring high quality traffic to you site and drive unbelievable conversions, and turn your business into a brand.


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