If your website is fully functional only on big laptop and desktop screens, you are losing out on the potential market consisting of smartphones and tablet users. All you need is the magic of a responsive website development to transform your business website and reach out to new heights. A consistent website design that looks uniform on all screen sizes is the way to turn your leads into sales, extend your market reach and increase your visibility on the internet. Have the best among the best responsive websites with Slenova!

Why Should Your Business Adopt Responsive Web Design?

Today's digital world is squared up with various kinds of screen sizes, devices and resolutions. Administering and managing different kinds of code base for different devices, screen sizes and resolutions is not a very efficient solution- it only creates confusion. A responsive web design gives you effective solutions by transforming websites and mobile applications smart enough to resize and reconstruct itself based on the device.

Every type of purchase decision is today led by a smartphone

The increasing perforation of the smartphones and devices into our social lives makes a responsive web design a necessity more than a trend. The content of your website must be flexible enough for it to be viewed across all the devices and platforms that internet users are manoeuvring in order to access the businesses online. It is important to have a mobile responsive design to ensure the pages of your websites and their layout, including- width, color, font, graphics and text gets adjusted automatically from the laptop or desktop to the palm-sized mobile without subjecting it to any sort of distortion, malfunctioning resolution, or horizontal scrolling.

Imagine the development costs it would incur if you needed to have a separate design for every type of device

If one had to maintain a separate web design and set of codes for every type of devices, it would automatically result in higher sustentation costs for the company. Moreover, it would also take up a lot of time for your company website to set them up. As the dimensions in a responsive web design are indicated with percentages, the design becomes more fluid and adjusts itself based on the devices, screen size and browser window size. This enables a short loading time for your website without compromising on the quality- keeping your customers attention right on you! A stellar user experience would ensure that your web traffic increases and your business website online visibility.

60% of web searches now originate from a mobile device

About 60% of web searches now a days are made from mobile phones. As Google algorithms ranks its websites based on user experience, a responsive web design can get you right there! A higher rank on the internet automatically means more sales for your business. A responsive design is seen to perform well on the KPIs laid out by Google to indicate user friendly mobile design. A responsive web design would the text legible without having to zoom in, lessen horizontal scrolling and gives enough slice for buttons, menus, and other such elements. With a better page ranking on the internet, you will open great avenues for your business.

Why Go Responsive With Us

These solutions by Selenova- one of the best responsive web design company in Kolkata, will efficiently meet all your integrated business goals.


A responsive website design cuts down on the time taken for the development, and eventually cost as well. It lets you to optimize anc control how your your business looks for all devices- all within a single website.


A responsive site will bid goodbye to zooming, shrinking and pinching your screen. Your website will automatically resize and adjust itself as per the viewing device.


We make sure your google ranking does not fall and keeps increasing with a responsive web design. It offers you an uncomplicated and user-friendly layout that makes sure that your website feels welcoming to users.


A lesser loading time will mean holding your customer's attention for long. With a responsive web design, your website would not waste time in redirecting to a different version when viewed across devices.


Link building is most crucial for the purpose of SEO. It is a continuously happening process of building links from reliable sites as your business moves to a responsive design website.


If your website looks clean, sleek, modern and easy to use, you are already leaving your competitors behind. A responsive web design ensures all the above, while helping you build trust and revenue.

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