Aligning the development procedures and technology with the various changes on the global front, Selenova works to develop extremely precise software products that aid to the growth of the business growth.We relieve your company from the weight of developing innovative products with paramount quality. Experienced in developing high quality and high performance and tech-driven solutions, our software products and services are also equally cost-effective.

New Product Development

Selenova offers end to end services to ISV’s in building a strong and fitting product. Our team of web software developers with their deep consulting and technical expertise, can be trusted with any stage of your business’/company’s SDLC, client specific product improvement and any development projects that might cross your path. Our services also extend to the post development support and maintenance. We aim to help your business focus on the core business development and game development software, if needed. We leverage the advantages of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in which your customers do not have to wait for the new products, with our highly efficient product development procedure.

Product Modernization

The constant evolution in the world of technology has changed the way of doing online business. It is essential for these companies to shield their existing investment and build upon the existing product in order to satisfy all the need of the customer. It is wise for a business to modernize and improve the product during its life cycle so that it fits better to the customers’ needs. Product extension is possible at any stage,simply by getting the existing clients’ feedback and applying those changes. Selenova can help you modernize your product by taking into account the current issues faced by the product and incorporating technological upgrades so that the overall value increases with minimum financial risks.

Product Testing

The testing phase in the entire product development process aids in increasing the accuracy of the code, product compatibility across varied platforms and ensures the smooth operation of the product. Product testing assists in the removal of bugs and ensures that the product reaches the market and its customers right on time. The implementation of testing happens at every stage of the process of product development to inspect if the product meets all the specified requirements . Selenova’s product testing services helps your business to walk along with the latest technological advancements and walk ahead of all competitors.

Our product development approach

Adopt the latest in software as a service, cloud and mobile enablement to adapt quickly to stay competitive with custom software product development services from SELENOVA.

Conceptualization and rapid prototyping

Our process of product development starts with brainstorming new and innovative ideas, followed by rapidly testing and prototyping them in order to see if its works. Selenova has a substantial experience when it comes to helping customers at the early stages of the cycle of product development.

Product development and quality assurance

Product development and quality assurance outlines the heart of what Selenova does. With years of experience in this niche of product development we have established us as a strong partner to help in your product development efforts.

  • Product development
  • Product improvement / customization
  • Platform / Product migration
  • Product Testing

    Selenova furnishes your business with ongoing maintenance services for your existing products for you to keep up with the alterations in technology and your customer's needs.

  • End-of-life product support
  • Complete satisfaction
  • Development Cycle : Concept To Commissioning

    • Ideation

      Define business goals and corresponding software product requirements

    • image

      Pilot study to develop product prototype for client review

    • Usability

      Define functionality and features to assess product usability

    • image

      New software product design based on modular approach

    • Testing

      Multiple cross platform tests and trial runs before deployment

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      Support services for deployment, training and troubleshooting

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