PPC Ads with Intelligent ROI

The process of generating ROI is quite gradual and unpredictable, regardless of how high quality and/or quantity your content is. Our PPC services are the quick fix to this solution, as they go beyond simply managing the Adwords account.
Reaching the target audience and listing your business on Google Maps is never an issue, all thanks to our PPC advertising experts. Moreover, they allow you full control, letting you be at the helm of your business. For instance, if Sunday is a non business day for your organisation, the advertisements will be accordingly paused. This ensures that you gain only tangible monetary value from your PPC advertisements.




Paid Search Marketing

Nowadays, organic search results are not enough for businesses - this has created the demand for paid search marketing. A smartly strategized ad campaign triggers ads on the basis of a person's current search history. The conversion potential of the ads is massive, owing to their relevance. Pay per click marketing is, thus, something that works for everyone, no matter if they have a startup or an enterprise.


Mobile Ads

With the growth of the smartphone generaton, the number of people making use of mobile internet has rapidly grown. Marketers are now using mobile ads as viable forums for advertising due to this very reason. Thanks to our mobile centric PPC services, you only need to focus on quality website content, and forget about the wild goose chase after varying search engine platforms.
The biggest benefit of going for mobile ads is that it connects you with the masses instantaneously. Increased leads, brand awareness, rapid app downloads, soaring e-commerce sales: all of these are guaranteed with our PPC management services.


Google Remarketing

The greatest obstacle that businesses face is when leads have to be converted into buyers. However, our Google remarketing PPC campaign management takes on this hurdle for you, and that too, effortlessly. Search ads are objective driven and measured in numbers, and our experts know this. Our team customises services as per your objectives, catering to sales improvement, enhancement of customer base, and even improvement in downloads.


Social Media Advertising

Making use of social media marketing is a great way of understanding customer demands and thereby increasing conversion of leads into sales. We help you unleash your brand's true potential through our comprehensive social media services on Facebook and Twitter. Your brand embarks on an upward rise by inherently understanding the customers' interests.


Landing Page Optimization

Our PPC management experts show you how optimization of the landing page design and UI/UX for better conversion is possible. Right from copywriting a catchy headline to a unique CTA button, our landing pages seek to get more visibility and higher conversion. Be it text elements or meta tags, every factor is accounted for when we optimize your landing page for online success.
Our A/B testing skills let you choose the best performing landing page and ensure that your marketing yields are maximized. Get better conversion count for your landing pages today by collaborating with us.


Display Advertising

Getting your business displayed at the right place will not only generate the right audience but also will contribute towards brand success. With our display advertising services, we can help you increase the lead generation, improve e-commerce sales, and also increase app installations. We use the latest techniques, tools and proven strategies to deliver to you superior performance and increased brand value.

Here's How Selenova Designs A Winning Formula For You

  • Higher Traffic - Our services are meant to boost your visibility only in front of those people who actually matter to your venture. We guarantee you high volumes of better qualified traffic at lower costs. We specialize in knowing the pulse of your customer base and generate the search marketing campaign according to those specifications.
  • Cost effective - We are experts in running cost effective campaigns that offer results. The bids, budget, and pre-decided ad runs offer you absolute control over what you spend.
  • Incredible ROI - Be it conversion count or conversion rate, we let you score heavily on the selected KRA and performance metric.
  • Fast turnover - As a PPC management company, we understand every minute detail of PPC campaigning. This is exactly why we are able to provide quick tangible outcomes from PPC, instead building up to a gradual and limited turnover.

Here's Where Advertisers Go Wrong

  • Poorly converting landing pages are made use of.
  • Placement of wrong keywords.
  • No call to action is mentioned.
  • PPC campaign is not monitored and understood
  • Best practices laid down by the Google for its ad campaign are not followed

Here's Why Selenova is Always Right:
Our PPC Strategy Is Smart Promotion

Selenova brings to the table, the best in class services and domain expertise to muscle up your campaign. Basically, we make sure that we promote at the right place, at the right time, and with the right platform. We will help you:

    In setting up of PPC accounts

  • Offer the exact keywords
  • Improve the existing campaign
  • Create new campaigns
  • Optimize the campaign for better ROI
  • Conversion track through the advanced tools
  • Target the right audience
  • Leverage the potential benefits of mobile ads
  • Improve the ROI
  • Embed ad extension, links, and remarketing
  • Captivate ad copy and split testing
  • Report the results to the clients

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