Online Reputation Management is essentially administering your business's reputation on the internet, employing tools of monitoring, communicating and mitigating SERPs or mentions on online media, social media and all other content on the web. Your brand reputation on the internet will help you identify, analyze and improve your value of business on all digital platforms.



Selenova oversees your brand's visibility on the internet and search engines in order to engage with the target group of audience and give plausible insights on the improvement of digital strategies. These digital marketing strategies must always be updated from time to time to ensure that your business never misses out on leads and increases follower base.

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    Control the visibility of your content on all search engines
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    Manifest your brand's values to the target audience on social media and all other digital platforms.
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    Channelize viewer engagement and use it to your company's advantage
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    GEstablish social relationships and trust with target audience to monetize reputation

Why Choose SELENOVA?

We blend UX design with business strategy to drive measurable results.

Selenova blends in UX design with online marketing strategies which gives way for your brand to derive excellent results. We integrate the postulates of digital marketing techniques with our expertise knowledge of ORM to ensure that your brand never lags behind the race!

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We review analytics in order to draw insights from it,and utilize the same for chalking out strategies that fit your business size, type and motto.

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We give importance to content marketing, which is the foundation of your online reputation in the digital space.

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Make use of content to secure target points.

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Boost the radius of campaign coverage for better responses and more leads.

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Interact with followers, including prospective customers to increase engagement on all digital landscapes, across devices, platforms and time zones.

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Mobilize and monetize your business's online reputation so that you reach new heights of success.


Corporate reputation management on the internet is a huge responsibility and it take a lot of experience and expert knowledge to crack the scene. A good online reputation gives way to new business opportunities and increases engagements.

We offer the following to ensure a positive online reputation of your company in the digital space:


Brand Building - We will generate a brand management strategy which is specifically tailored for your business, to build and maintain a strong online reputation.

Re-branding - It might happen that your business has lost its repute over the internet due to some unforeseen reasons. This is where we come in to help you out with the disaster management! We aim for a full recovery process of your online reputation and turn it into a positive one by rebuilding your brand through new and improved website designs, content refurbishment, renaming domain, server migration and re-branding customer services.

Brand protection -In order to maintain and improve online reputation, a company must employ new digital marketing techniques and retouch old ones. Unlike other reputation management companies, Selenova will help your respond to negative feedbacks, if any, so that their visibility and importance is minimized. We also create micro-sites to increase the number of positive content related to your business and marginalize the negative ones.

Social Media Optimization - Our team will constantly review your website for monitoring its user interface and its overall structure. After reviewing, our team of experts would provide their expert knowledge on enhancing the measure of usability and organization of your business website.

Reputation Management - Our team of experts will first determine the kind of online reputation your company or products already holds. We will then design a customized strategy that would address all the needs of your company.

Our Online Reputation Management System


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